Eserve International consists of a mix of oil & gas professionals with an aligned aim to create a dynamic and innovative engineering service with flexibility, efficiency and commitment to ensure sustainable long-term solutions.

Innovative Focus
Eserve technically and commercially developed a bespoke as-built data management platform, now known as AS-TEG™ to re-invent the as-built data process for integrity, maintenance and design lifecycles to help our customers eliminate unnecessary onsite footprint, costly errors and improve traceability by digitally enabling ‘end to end’ delivery workflows.

To further advance our AS-TEG service capabilities, Eserve was awarded match funded from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) to further digitalise the way dimensional control & in-line verification surveys is done offshore. The benefit of no longer sending consistent surveyor teams offshore to complete these tasks, instead now can be done from the desktop onshore to save critical chopper space, bed space and helping operating companies work through maintenance backlogs faster and more cost effective, while improving safety.

Eserve has since successfully enrolled AS-TEG™ capabilities into multiple UKCS and International operators and have proven a significant cost saving and value across both CAPEX AND OPEX budgets.


If you would like to discuss how our AS-TEG™ & Engineering Support Services could deliver transformational change to your operations, please CONTACT US.


Delivering a consistent, high quality service to our customers is our number one focus. Energy Services International “Eserve” is accredited to ISO 9001:2015, the International Standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS).

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