Historically it has been difficult to maintain as-built records of process facilities offshore as what is designed is not necessarily what is fabricated or constructed. This creates large gaps in the available information and a low or no confidence level in the available information. This means, even for simple modifications or repair orders, the only option is to return to site and verify the information.

This introduces additional costs and extended cycle times to cover multiple surveys, helicopter flights and access to bed space. Current work practise is built around this lack of availability of information creating an inherent inefficiency. Costs and cycle times can also be further impacted upon by the large number of failures to fit and the amount of rework necessary on site when utilising the available low-quality information.

This issue does not only impact on the engineering and construction functions but also on the inspection and integrity functions who rely upon verifiable as-built information to properly understand and manage integrity risks on the platforms.

The advancements of technologies such as laser scanning, dimensional control, photogrammetry and 3D modelling in recent years has helped in addressing these issues but they also contribute to, and exacerbate, the problem. These technologies are not integrated seamlessly and require separate surveys etc and the accepted practice is that not all survey information is retained in a core digital twin model of the facilities for use by the operator and supporting third party contractors. Further validation of the inefficiency of the current work practises.


AS-TEG™ – the route to reducing costs and cycle times whilst removing inherent risk.

To address these issues Eserve have invested in the disruptive service, driven by technology, now known as AS-TEG™, that seamlessly consolidates new and existing as-designed and as-built data sets to create a true as-built digital twin of the facilities with an accuracy of +/-1mm.


The key benefits of the AS-TEG™ service are:

• Fully consolidate and control old and new data sets
• Eliminates fail to fit
• Eliminates 50% of surveys
• Reduces repair order and modification cycle times by 50%
• Reduces the inherent integrity risks
• Eliminate human error


The AS-TEG™ service allows the operator to take full control of their as-built information and its management. AS-TEG™ creates a platform that is collaborative across both the operator’s internal functions and external support contractors allowing them to re-engineer their workflows to make significant cost and cycle time savings.


Key features of the AS-TEG™ service are:

• Creation of common digital twin of the customers facilities (collaborative cloud-based technology)
• Accurate to +/- 1mm
• Full dimensional control calculations from the desktop, not onsite
• Inspecting components and assemblies from the desktop, not onsite.
• Automated isometric generation
• Clash checking and constructability verifications


The AS-TEG™ service is a proven concept with a number of operators in the North Sea benefitting from the disruptive technology driven service.

“Eserve have acted professionally and responsibly, very proactive and always reacted well when information was needed quickly. I would certainly recommend them.”

Projects Manager, NS Operator