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Eserve Team

Team Members

Dan Millard

Managing Director

Dan is one of the founders of Eserve, a technology driven professional with over 10 year’s experience, working on mainly North Sea offshore oil and gas brownfield projects with vast experience in the replacement of 100’s of ‘like for like’ piping repair orders through to large billion-pound projects. Experience working through the initial FEED stage, […]

Angus Lee

Operations & Finance Director

Angus is one of the founders of Eserve, a business professional with over 35 years’ experience in general management, asset management, project management, financial, engineering, business analytical and operations. Successfully managing large staff and tight control of $40 M USD budget with regular financial, training, process and procedures review/implementation, mentoring and coaching staff to improve […]

Kev Stephenson

Engineering Support Lead

Kev has proven track record of delivering results through good planning, resource management and effective cost control, Kevin is a welcome addition to the team who builds a rapport with others easily. He is a team player with excellent people skills with a versatile and adaptable approach to problem solving. Kevin is an accomplished Piping […]

Greg Watson

Survey & Verification Lead

Greg has over 12 years’ experience with Dimensional Control, Fabrication QA/QC and Design/Constructability reviews. Experience onsite leading survey teams in both upstream and downstream. Greg was for several years the lead survey engineer for BP SVT based in Shetland.